Customer recommendation

“Having been exposed to many companies in this field, I can say that this is a most reliable company, with values and a true commitment to the project in which it is involved.”

“Dialogue with Time” project

“Planning and execution of the displays was carried out expertly, in full coordination with the client, suppliers and other contractors. The company invested in creative thought, content of the proposal and met all its obligations (timetables, budgeting, delivery process and service) throughout all phases of the project.”

Sarona Visitor Center

“The company possesses very extensive abilities, creating added value to a major project like ours and I am certain of their decisive contribution to the best outcome of the final product in any major project.”

Carasso Science Park

“In addition to the creative concept, work with Breeze was very professional and fruitful. The team members who led the project are experts in their fields and attentive to all needs and requirements of the project. The entire work process was very well organized, with clear timetables and the final film we received exceeded our expectations.”

Ramat Negev R & D Center

“Breeze carried out expert, creative and original work, to our satisfaction. Despite many objective difficulties that emerged during the work, the company’s team maintained reliability and adhered to precise and high-quality implementation of the exhibition, meeting the timetable and commitments to the museum.”

Beit Hatfutsot Museum

“The company’s efficient and devoted service does not end on the day the project is delivered. We enjoyed close, loyal and dependable accompaniment by company representatives, who invested major efforts in dealing with any problem that came up as is natural in a new and complex project.”

“Dialogue with Time” project

“The professional team and management of the company showed a high level of creative and professional thinking, incorporating very advanced technology in the exhibitions, and demonstrating an excellent learning curve in any subject required of them.”

Carasso Science Park