The Future of Transportation in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The construction of the light rail and urban renewal in the city created a frustrating and obstacle-filled daily experience for the residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo, with blockages, excavations, and changes in traffic routes. The Tel Aviv Municipality approached us in order to create a mobile visitor center that would address the need to explain to residents in their neighborhoods the vision for the future of urban transportation and the future that awaits them around the corner once the work is completed.

The classic solution for a mobile visitor center in the city would have been a vehicle/bus that would travel between neighborhoods (thereby increasing pollution, congestion, and traffic jams…) For us, however, there was another idea; in order to stand out in the urban landscape of the city, we created an iconic inflatable that is transported on a trailer and has the ability to move. The inflatable is eye-catching, attracts a crowd, and creates curiosity in the public space, thereby exposing more and more visitors to the future vision of transportation.

Our innovative center moves between neighborhoods and central locations throughout the city. It contains several activities, starting with a transportation quiz, an impressive display projected in the air-conditioned inflatable tent, as well as photo stations that place visitors in a ‘time tunnel’ to different periods of urban transportation over the years.

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