R&D Ramat Negev

Marketing film

Documentary peek and the work of the pioneers of the 2000

Israel Government Tourist Corporation

A Marketing film produced for the Ramat Negev visitor center. The Ramat Negev desert agriculture experimental station has been working since 1981 and is located in the desert, 30 km south of Beersheva. Its purpose is to develop methods of cultivation, irrigation and fertilization of crops and to suit them to the unique ecological conditions of the Negev. It accomplishes its goal by conducting surveys, applied research and numerous field experiments.

The film presents, documentary style, daily life throughout the Negev from the point of view of the region’s inhabitants and farmers together with the work and research of the R & D team at the Ramat Negev center. The local people, the agricultural and research work, together with the magical scenery, reveals a rare and authentic look at the pioneers of the 2000s. The film uses innovative photographic and production technology together with infographics.