Caesarea Harbor Visitor Center

Caesarea Harbor

The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation

In Caesarea, one of the most popular tourist sites in Israel, an innovative and leading visitor center opened in which the wonderful story of Caesarea and its unique port is told.

The renewal process, led by the Caesarea Development Corporation, the Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Antiquities Authority, took several years. The process consists archeological excavations and restoration in unprecedented scope. During the excavations an impressive system of vaults was discovered. The vaults stood on the western front of the “Temple Platform”. Their western wall was open to the harbor, and on top of the vaults stood a monumental staircase, leading to the holy area. The preservation and archaeological development project at the site is one of the largest in Israel’s history. The vaults were reconstructed and stabilized by IAA experts, and the main visitor center is now open.

Breeze Creative designed and built the new Visitor Center. The center presents unique archeological findings along with advanced illustration and display, which allow visitors to get to know and experience the story of Caesarea throughout history

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