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Our real estate sales galleries are multimedia experiences including 4K displays and responsive models. Tablets control the entire experience, giving the agent the ability to show floor-plans, renders, views, videos, and the neighborhood. Our software has a seamless interface that allows the user to create their own path and their own presentation. The model reacts dynamically to the onscreen content, lighting up individual apartments, the lobby, retail space, garden, and much more. We provide the technological tools to entice and amaze.

Recent Sales Galleries

1 Seaport
The 1 Seaport Residences is the first soaring residential tower at the Manhattan seaport. Rising 670 feet, it overlooks the harbor, NY bridges and other landmarks of the city. Click Here to see the Curbed article.

75 Kenmare
75 Kenmare is a residential building located in lower manhattan developed by DHA and designed by Kravitz Design. The building is home to unique floorplans, two garden areas, and a roof space. Click Here to see the Curbed article.

Polhemus Sales gallery

The Polhemus Sales gallery, located in Brooklyn NY, is a beautiful representation of the stunning apartments and homes that Fortis property group are building. Within the Gallery are three unique digital sales spaces with each with customized sales content such as floorplans, videos, render and photographs. Our software gives the sales agents the ability to choose how their client receives this stunning media.

See the Curbed article here. 

Development: Fortis Property Group.
Branding agency: Williams New York

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